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ZOM STOCK WAKING UP? Zomedica Fundamental & Short interest data

ZOM: Growth & Fundamental

Zomedica, ticker symbol ZOM, once most popular Reddit stock, is moving higher today by 2.33% trading around ($0.52) per share. Since Zomedica launched the TruForma, pets, and veterinarian product, the stock has been trading lower. Due to the higher valuation and no revenue generated at that time, the stock continue to fall since its all-time high of $2.90.

However, Zomedica is reaching its valuation point, especially since they started selling their TruForma product and growing their business. Zomedica has been onboarding the sales team and management team to grow this business in the Pets and veterinarian market. “To support TRUFORMA®, our sales organization now has grown to include 10 Regional Diagnostic Specialists and Territory Diagnostic Specialists, 3 Professional Services Veterinarians, and 2 Inside Sales Representatives, all supported by a Customer Service Department and managed by our Chief Commercial Officer, Vice President of Sales, and two Area Sales Directors. We continue to recruit additional members of the sales organization and expect to have our sales and support teams at full planned strength by the end of the Fall. We believe that this team is capable of supporting not only TRUFORMA®, but also any additional products that are added to Zomedica.”

ZOM: Short Data

Short Interest100,573,448 shares
Short Interest Ratio5.79 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float10.55%
ZOM Short Interest % Float
ZOM Short Shares Availability
ZOM Short Borrow Rate

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