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Why CLOV: Clover Health is a Buy during a market discount? Short Squeeze VS Valuation


Clover Health Investment is down today, September 15, 2021, due to the overall market reaction. However, the institutional are loading the boat as the stock is giving a discounted price. Institutions like VanGuard mutual funds, SZCAX – DWS Small Cap Core Fund Class A, IHF – iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF and so many others bought the stock for the long-term hold.

Institutional Owners199 total, 167 long, 9 short, 23 long/short

Clover Health Investment’s short interest seems to be increasing as well, which can lead to a possible short squeeze and reward the investors either way. One reward can be from the long-term hold as the price will eventually have to go where it belongs based on the fundamentals valuation and balance sheet, and other rewards can come from Short Squeeze.

Below are the shorts data:

Short Interest30,617,021 shares
Short Interest Ratio0.87 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float15.59%


The last time CLOV Fail to deliver was back in June 2021 and the stock had a squeeze all the way up to $28 per share. Currently, the data from Fintel shows that failure to deliver are showing similar patterns.

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  1. Hello writer – thank you for clearly pointing out what the tens of thousands of us understand to be true – fundamentally, the value is significantly weighed down by funds and market makers shorting this stock (market conditions aside). In our opinion, these actions are illegal and should draw the attention of the SEC in a more targeted manner. We (the 46,000 person strong CLOV Reddit Army) are excited to hold this stock long term, regardless of these frivolous actions by market makers.

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