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Which stock is a better deal in 2022? WISH VS ETSY

WISH Stock has been down to 52 weeks low of $2.57 since their 52 weeks high of $32.85. The stock is currently trading below the market cap of $2B and the current price is very impressive for the long-term opportunity.

There will be struggles for the WISH app and still has a high risk of owning the shares of WISH, as it experiences numerous negative events but it could turn around as new management, new CEO starts taking it seriously after February and stopping the bleeding. The WISH investors are going through the pain and almost all of the investors are down heavily owning the shares as they are hoping for the lights after the tunnel.

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On the other hand, ETSY stock did amazing numbers over the years, and its share price soar to all time high of $307.75 and currently trading at $192.31, which is still above its 52 weeks low of $153.80. The big question is should you buy ETSY at this price level or should you buy WISH at the current price level or which one is the better deal?

In our analysis, WISH is a riskier stock since there are still some questions that needs the answers such as how did they do in holiday sales, or who will be the new CEO, or can they take seriously from here? If all the answers beat the investor’s expectations, WISH can return much better than ETSY since the share price is undervalued compared with their current cash amount.

WISH can be a great high-growth investment over the long term if the management is handed to the right leader. ETSY is a well-established e-commerce business and investing in ETSY for the long term is safer than WISH. It is up to the investors willing to pick which stock is better for them over the long term or even picking both of the stocks with a risk management strategy can be a great deal.

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