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What’s next for CLOV stock? Can Clover Health Investment Recover by End of the year?

Clover Health Investment is trading around $1.9B market cap. CLOV had an all-time high of $28.85 per share with the help of a short squeeze and an all-time low of $6.31 per share with heavy shorts selling.

Clover Health Investment, focusing on the health care sector gives some confidence that it can grow rapidly around the United States. Currently, Clover Health is providing its services in 9 states and growing revenue rapidly.

Vivek Garipalli, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, CLOVER HEALTH INVESTMENT

Vivek Garipalli, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman did mention multiple times on their quarterly earnings that they will be growing Clover Health over the long term, with the growing demand in health care and Clover software that can provide the reliable solution to the doctors and patients.

Long-term investors who are looking at Clover Health Investment as an opportunity to invest early could benefit over the long term even there is some market volatility in the short term. Investors managing their risk and exposing to the higher growth stocks wins over the long term. There are over 71 million shares of CLOV owned by the insiders.

Clover Health Total revenue was $412.5 million in the second quarter of 2021, a 139.7% increase compared to $172.1 million in second-quarter 2020. This consisted of $195.4 million in Medicare Advantage premiums and $216.4 million in Direct Contracting revenue. Cash, cash equivalents, and investments totaled $630.3 million as of June 30, 2021.

Insider Shares71,046,419 shares
Insider Ownership17.40%
Insider Ownership (Float)35.95%
Total Insiders20
Institutional Owners199 total, 167 long, 9 short, 23 long/short

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