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What’s going on with CLOV Stock? Why it’s going down? Short Interest Data


Clover Health Investment, CLOV stock is down more than 9% in September 2021. The stock was trading higher beginning of the month and the sell-off started as the overall market continue to reject its uptrend.

Currently, CLOV stock is trading around $7.81 per share. The L2 data shows there is more interest in CLOV stock as it could return big in the coming future.


As the marker is rejecting and going downtrend for a couple of weeks, it gave some opportunities to Short sellers as they can make profits by shorting with the market trend. However, this also provides an opportunity to long-term investors since they can also purchase the CLOV stock at a cheaper price. If the availability of the Short shares decreases lower, it can increase the chance of Squeeze since the price will have to start going higher.

Short Interest30,617,021 shares
Short Interest Ratio1.72 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float15.49%

Borrow Rate:

The borrowing rate is very cheap comparing to other potential short squeeze stocks that we mention in our earlier articles. This means shorts sellers can short this stock until the borrowing rate starts to go higher and they can no longer short the stock.

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