Short Squeeze

TOP 6 Higher Short Squeeze Potential Stocks to watch in September 2021

Below are the list of Top 6 stocks that have a higher chance of short squeeze, based on their performance, previous patterns, short interest float and borrow fee rate.

RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short Interest % FloatDays to CoverBorrow Fee Rate
1ATER / Aterian, Inc.356.2635.720.1392.11
2BBIG / Vinco Ventures Inc466.8333.520.2432.74
3KPLT / Katapult Holdings, Inc.620.6315.711.1436.75
4BTCM / BIT Mining Limited668.3918.72.11156.99
5ANY / Sphere 3D Corp141.148.840.0339.72
6LPTX / Leap Therapeutics Inc157.537.490.0917.15

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