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Top 30 Short Squeeze Stocks: January 14, 2022: BBIG STOCK, ATER, PIXY, TKAT, TTCF

Top 30 Short Squeeze Stocks: January 14, 2022 Update

The Finance Headline provides a daily top high short squeeze potential stocks list. These stocks are based on the short interest float %, days to cover, and the borrow fee rate.

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RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short Interest % FloatDays to CoverBorrow Fee Rate
1PIK / Kidpik Corp46.394.710.0153.61
2PIXY / ShiftPixy Inc26.6927.342.16111.68
3RELI / Reliance Global Group Inc89.7328.010.21244.52
4ISIG / Insignia Systems, Inc.44.6958.080.1543.5
5AVCT / American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc190.6419.580.91105.33
6CELZ / Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc19.436.520.1125.81
7NES / Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc38.912.260.0596.55
8LIXT / Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc31.890.950.0392.23
9TTCF / Tattooed Chef, Inc Class A1,146.9336.7916.1915.41
10NXTD / NXT-ID Inc28.215.931.6369.27
11SOPA / Society Pass Inc154.238.91.23111.82
12DWAC / Digital World Acquisition Corp.2,372.4811.230.3884.71
13LCID / Lucid Group, Inc.74,876.7715.811.54107.91
14SAVA / Cassava Sciences Inc1,990.8436.326.6414.19
15SPRB / Spruce Biosciences Inc97.3729.740.8826.76
16CPOP / Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd Class A57.2428.223.8365.73
17SENS / Senseonics Holdings Inc1,235.3723.636.8616.96
18BBIG / Vinco Ventures Inc320.6122.574.0324.42
19OPFI / OppFi Inc.77.4221.730.999.99
20PPSI / Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.85.1714.871.22133.86
21MBOT / Microbot Medical Inc48.4114.768.4115.81
22TKAT / Takung Art Co., Ltd.49.6911.833.1188.29
23HTZ / Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (New)11,557.5011.054.188.87
24STRN / Stran & Company Inc80.9210.350.3784.34
25ENSC / Ensysce Biosciences, Inc.87.0810.020.13133.41
26ATER / Aterian, Inc.189.7627.211.615.91
27SNDL / Sundial Growers Inc1,204.8112.53.627.75
28DBGI / Digital Brands Group, Inc.24.326.240.6441.45
29BYND / Beyond Meat Inc4,224.1735.552.423.12
30ABVC / American BriVision (Holding) Corporation100.30.970.5771.66
Top 30 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks: January 14, 2022

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