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The stock market opened wide green on Monday, August 30, 2021. Most of the hyped meme stocks performed really well during the interday trading. The big question on all the investor’s mind is now what will happen on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Below are the list of top 10 stocks that could make big volatility on Tuesday:

  1. CLOV – Clover health investment is trading around the support and resistance line and if it could break out the current resistance line, this could explode to the next resistance line, which is around $9 per share.
  2. NNDM – Nano Dimnesion is also one of the retail favorite stock to watch. The stock has been trading really cheap comparing to it’s business fundamentals.
  3. WISH – Context Logic stock is trading with big volume and retail favorite stock. With the great fundamental around the business, something new to the business or retail volume could make this stock trend higher.
  4. AMC – AMC trading with retail sentiment that this could be the next big short squeeze stock.
  5. BBIG – Multi runner hyped stock could be bringing more volume.
  6. SPRT – This could also be the multi winner stock. Traders are watching for the support and resistance line.
  7. ZOM – Retail traders flowing into this stock. Investing on the pets business for the long term make sense with risk management and fundamental studies.
  8. NAKD – Naked Brand is also another retail trading stock that could be moving big depending on the overall market situatuon.
  9. AAPL – Apple stock looking to breakout the resistance line.
  10. NURO – Most trading volume and could this stock make it tomorrow?

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