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TOP 10 Stocks Moving Today: September 28, 2021: CEI, NAKD, AAPL, SNDL, AMC, AMD, WISH, PLTR, & More

Stock market has been highly volatile on September 28, 2021 due to the multiple worries about the economy and yield spike hits tech stocks. “U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday, with tech names dragging down the broader markets as Treasury yields traded near three-month highs and lawmakers in Washington continued their budget stalemate.”

“The 10-year Treasury yield continued its speedy climb on Tuesday, rising as high as 1.558% as investors bet the Fed would carry through on its promise to curb its emergency bond-buying stimulus as inflation jumps. The 10-year yield has reversed dramatically to the highest levels since June since the Fed signaled last week it would taper its $120 billion in monthly bond purchases “soon.”


Dow Jones is down -1.64% (-572),

S&P 500 is down -2.5% (-89)

NASDAQ is down -2.7% (-402)

RUSS 2000 is down -1.7% (-38)

STOCKVolume% MoveCurrent PriceReason of Voltality
CEI598 Million+12 to +30%$3.06Short Squeeze / Retail Momentum
NAKD329 Million-2% to + 2%$0.81Possible merger / Retail Momentum
AAPL69 Million-2%$142Tech Industries Down / Nasdaq -2.7%
F81 Million+1.3%$14.36Building 3 US battery factories
DBGI76 Million+30%$3.82022 Revenue Guidance
SNDL69 Million-5%$0.68MJ sector down, small cap down today
AMD55 Million-5%$102.5Tech Industries Down/ Nasdaq -2.7%
PLTR47 Million-6%$25.6 Tech Industries Down/ Nasdaq -2.7%
AMC31 Million-4%$37.6Short Sale
WISH36 Million-6%$5.8Short Sale
The Finance Headline – Top 10 Stocks of the day: September 28, 2021

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