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TOP 10 Stocks Moving Higher Today October 1, 2021: PROG, CCL, BMRA, ZOM, AMC, PALT, MKD, MRK & more

The Finance Headline provides the latest update on October 01, 2021: Top 10 stocks moving higher. These are the stocks that are showing momentum and increasing in share price intraday trading.

The market rebound as we are on the first day of October.

Dow Jones is down +0.80 (+271),

S&P 500 is down +0.54% (+23.05)

NASDAQ is up +0.02% (+5.61)

RUSS 2000 is up +1.02 (+22.66)

STOCKVolume% MoveCurrent PriceReason of Volatility
PROG847 Million+6.46%$1.63Retail Momentum
CCL25 Million+3.26%$25.83DOW Rebound / Risk of hospitalization decrease
BMRA75 Million+36%$6.13Colon Disease Screening Test Goes For Sale At Walmart Online
ZOM66 Million+9.15%$0.57Zomedica Stock Soars After $71M Pulse Veterinary Acquisition
AMC49 Million+2.56%$39.07Retail Momentum
PALT39Million+1.56%$10.74Retail Momentum
MKD30 Million+7.5%$0.37Retail Momentum
MRK74 Million+9.16%$82.00New COVID pill reduce risk
AEZS27 Million+1.03%$0.75Retail Momentum
EDU26 Million+2.20%$2.095Retail Momentum
The Finance Headline – Top 10 Stocks of the Day: October 01, 2021

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