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This is Why Wish Stock Continues to go down?

Wish stock has been going down since early 2021 and continues to trend lower with numerous unenthusiastic catalysts. Starting from Wish App users decrease, previous CFO stepping down, Q2 and Q3 earnings, and CEO stepping down continue to slam the WISH stock lower.

There are other negative catalysts such as the continuation of Short selling, dark pool activity, the overall market selling off, and most important, The Insiders selling off their stocks. Insiders selling their shares when the stock price is lower is such a negative catalyst that will not make any investors happy and they rather sell as well. It is a similar example of if you are not believing in your own stock, why should we? The positive catalyst would be, insiders loading the shares when it is trading at a discounted price.

Most of the investors start selling their losing stock to avoid paying higher taxes at the end of the year. Once the selling-off started, it can continue to lower the stock price and more investors will be paying margin fees, panic selling, and so on.

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Recent Insiders Selling Activity:

FormInsiderTickerSecurity TitleCodeDirectShare
Changed (1K)
2021-11-192021-11-174Shah DevangWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8877-94,940-464
2021-11-192021-11-174Szulczewski PiotrWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8877-77,290-378
2021-11-192021-11-174Liu PaiWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8877-87,949-430
2021-11-192021-11-174Kassaei Hamid RezaWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8876-58,145-284
2021-11-192021-11-174Jain Tarun KumarWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8876-67,605-330
2021-11-192021-11-174Just BrettWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD4.8876-23,252-114
2021-10-202021-10-184Szulczewski PiotrWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD5-73,904-370
2021-10-202021-10-184Shah DevangWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD5-10,333-52
2021-10-202021-10-184Oliver JenniferWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD5-417-2
2021-10-202021-10-184Liu PaiWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD5-2,459-12
2021-10-202021-10-184Just BrettWISHClass A Common StockS – SaleD5-1,753-9
WISH Insiders Activity

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