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StoneCo Announces New Executive Management Appointments

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StoneCo Ltd. announces new executive management appointments to support the evolution of the company and its future execution. “Caio Fiuza, who was the Head of our micro-merchant business TON, was appointed COO of our Financial Platform Division. Gilsinei Hansen, who was the Head of Linx Core division, was appointed COO of our Software Division, which encompasses our Linx business and Stone’s portfolio of software solutions. João Bernartt, former Board Member of several retail companies in Brazil and founder of Chaordic, has joined the Company as Chief Information Officer, leading our efforts in product, technology and data, with greater focus in the Financial Platform Division. Sandro Bassili, former VP of People of Anheuser-Busch Inbev and member of the Board of Advisors for Grupo Boticário has joined the Company as Chief People and Management Officer. Diego Salgado, former Executive Director in the Latam Debt Capital Markets team at JP Morgan, has joined our team in 2021 as Head of Treasury.

“We believe these changes will help us simplify our operations, enable our team to focus and manage our bigger and evolving mission more effectively and create greater strength across our management structure,” said Thiago Piau.”

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