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Short Squeeze Potential Stocks to Watch: December 13, 2021 – PTPI, ISPC, LGVN, ESPR

The Finance Headline provides a daily top high short squeeze potential stocks list. These stocks are based on the short interest float %, days to cover, and the borrow fee rate.

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RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short Interest % FloatDays to CoverBorrow Fee Rate
1PTPI / Petros Pharmaceuticals Inc47.4325.440.17254.49
2ISPC / iSpecimen Inc.116.9719.650.43175.97
3LGVN / Longeveron Inc. Class A392.6130.530.21152.46
4VLON / Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc.35.5622.762.8662.13
5GTEC / Greenland Technologies Holding Corp73.9824.153.1241.06
6AHPI / Allied Healthcare Products Inc21.3924.431.3798.97
7RELI / Reliance Global Group Inc22.6834.32.7142.09
8PPSI / Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.76.884.460.01152.73
9KTTA / Pasithea Therapeutics Corp.49.916.090.64140.37
10TTCF / Tattooed Chef, Inc Class A1,316.6439.0322.3918.08
11ESPR / Esperion Therapeutics Inc150.3375.883.276.32
12CRTX / Cortexyme Inc373.4751.019.410.37
13QLGN / Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc.39.8718.323.5925.46
14GOEV / Canoo Inc. Class A2,235.9733.6910.0213.2
15VIEW / View, Inc. Class A955.1434.5619.644.14
16BLNK / Blink Charging Co1,370.2434.259.039.96
17BYND / Beyond Meat Inc4,085.4733.997.064.72
18CRSR / Corsair Gaming Inc1,998.2133.0414.244.04
19ATER / Aterian, Inc.242.6427.181.248.15
20BYSI / Beyondspring Inc163.8926.821.467.93
21APVO / Aptevo Therapeutics Inc38.4526.281.6119.94
22SDC / SmileDirectClub, Inc. Class A322.8625.94.625.34
23BTBT / Bit Digital Inc514.0124.195.54135.39
24BBIG / Vinco Ventures Inc408.5121.851.4623.4
25PROG / Progenity Inc441.4217.290.7534.79
Short Squeeze Potential Stocks to Watch: December 13, 2021

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