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Satya Nadella on LinkedIn: Work Trend Index | Will AI Fix Work?

As many of us are preparing to gather in Hannover, Germany next week, I wanted to look back at the last year in manufacturing.  
A lot has happened since Hannover Messe 2022. In an environment of increasing macro-economic headwinds, we are seeing many of our customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys to strengthen competitiveness.
Starting point for this transformation is a high-performing digital core, making data accessible across boundaries and driving innovation from the entire workforce.

From there, cloud and AI technologies enable gains in productivity, resilience, time-to-market, and sustainability: Empowering a connected workforce and strengthening a resilient and agile supply chain. Accelerating the next generation of intelligent engineering and factories with the industrial metaverse. And building a foundation for an energy-efficient and sustainable future.
A great example of this innovation is Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies. They are developing new predictive modeling tools using the supercomputing capabilities of Azure HPC. This allows them to accelerate chemical simulations, explore the potential of AI, and get quantum-ready to help further their sustainability mission. They have been able to speed up quantum chemistry calculations and reduce the turnaround time for their scaled workloads from six months to just one week. It is truly impressive.
These are some of the key trends fueling the future our industry, and what you will see from Microsoft and our partners at HANNOVER MESSE 2023.
I invite you to read more in my new blog.

And please join us in Hall 17 next week to see how your colleagues are maximizing the value of their digital investments to manufacture a more resilient and sustainable future.

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