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One year after introducing the world to #Copilot for Microsoft 365, our #WorkTrendIndex research shows that it’s made employees more productive and creative, saving some users as much as 10 hours per month. As part of #Windows11, Copilot plays the role of an orchestrator, using your PC’s apps, files, and the web to provide personalized assistance whenever you need it. 
I’m happy to announce our continued efforts to bring Copilot to every employee, on every device through Windows 365, new PCs and #Surface devices, and the Windows App, where we’ve registered more than 3M hours of active usage since public preview began. Between new, accessible products built for Copilot, to Windows 365 Cloud PCs that help control costs while maximizing #AI impact, we’re making the most of every avenue to empower organizations to do more in the age of AI. 
Read about today’s announcements in my latest blog:

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