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Satya Nadella on LinkedIn: GitHub Copilot Workspace: Welcome to the Copilot-native developer…

What started out as an autocomplete pair programmer is now redefining the developer environment and experience itself. Welcome to GitHub Copilot Workspace: The Copilot-native developer environment – a place for all to create with code instantly in natural language.

Within Copilot Workspace, developers can now brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code in natural language. This new task-centric experience leverages different Copilot-powered agents from start to finish, while giving developers full control over every step of the process. All this taken together, Copilot Workspace will empower more experienced developers to operate as systems thinkers, and materially lower the barrier of entry of who can build software. We’ve constructed GitHub Copilot Workspace in pursuit of this very horizon, as a conduit to help extend the economic opportunity and joy of building software to every human on the planet.

Welcome to the first day of a new developer environment 🎉

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