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Satya Nadella on LinkedIn: GitHub Copilot for Business is now available | The GitHub Blog

In recent months, the rise of generative AI models has triggered widespread recognition that the age of AI has begun. But until now, generative AI has largely benefited the individual. That’s changing today, as we widely release GitHub Copilot for Business to every team, organization and enterprise. 🤖

Already, Copilot is helping developers write code 55% faster, with developers reporting feeling 75% more fulfilled (aka happier!). Imagine the benefits of putting GitHub Copilot in the hands of 100-, 1,000-, or even 10,000-person development teams.

For an organization, developers fixing bugs faster means your product and supply chain is more secure. Developers manually writing less boilerplate over and over again means your teams are more productive and focused. Developers being able to learn and onboard new technologies means they can deliver better solutions for your customers. Ultimately, Copilot for Business gives developers the ability to build for tomorrow instead of spending all their time bogged down with the problems of today.

Empowering developers with the power of AI is how every organization can win the future. There is so much more to come from us on this front soon. 🚀 Read more in the official blog below.

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