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At Microsoft, we’re dedicated to empowering every scientist with AI-augmented scientific discovery. Our Azure Quantum Elements platform is a significant step in this direction, offering two new groundbreaking capabilities: Generative Chemistry for the exploration of novel molecular structures at an unprecedented scale and speed, and Accelerated DFT for simulating chemical catalysts and other complex molecular structures using core innovation developed by Microsoft Research.
In our work with Unilever, they’re harnessing the power of Azure Quantum Elements to drive forward scientific discovery. Unilever DataLab—a leading collaboration platform for in-silico R&D innovation built on Azure—is a prime example of digital transformation in action. From unlocking the secrets of our skin’s microbiome to reducing the carbon footprint of a multi-billion-dollar business, Unilever is redefining what it means to be a consumer goods company in the modern world with leading science.
Earlier this year, we demonstrated with Quantinuum the most reliable logical qubits on record, further advancing the state-of-the-art for quantum computing. And recently, we simulated a chemical catalyst combining classical supercomputers, AI and logical qubits created with Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization system and Quantinuum’s H1 hardware. This combination holds the key to unlocking scientific breakthroughs enabled by a new generation of hybrid-computing applications.
Learn more about the story behind these advancements and their impact on the future of science by reading my latest post on the Official Microsoft Blog:

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