NVIDIA’s New Ada Lovelace RTX GPU Arrives for Designers and Creators

RTX 6000 GPU Provides 2-4x Performance Improvement in Enterprise Workflows; Global Manufacturers to Ship Starting in Q4

GTC—Opening a new era of neural graphics that marries AI and simulation, NVIDIA today announced the NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 workstation GPU, based on its new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture.

With the new NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU delivering real-time rendering, graphics and AI, designers and engineers can drive cutting-edge, simulation-based workflows to build and validate more sophisticated designs. Artists can take storytelling to the next level, creating more compelling content and building immersive virtual environments. Scientists, researchers and medical professionals can accelerate the development of life-saving medicines and procedures with supercomputing power on their workstations — all at up to 2-4x the performance of the previous-generation RTX A6000.

Designed for neural graphics and advanced virtual world simulation, the RTX 6000, with Ada generation AI and programmable shader technology, is the ideal platform for creating content and tools for the metaverse with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise. Incorporating the latest generations of render, AI and shader technologies and 48GB of GPU memory, the RTX 6000 enables users to create incredibly detailed content, develop complex simulations and form the building blocks required to construct compelling and engaging virtual worlds.

“Neural graphics is driving the next wave of innovation in computer graphics and will change the way content is created and experienced,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA RTX 6000 is ready to power this new era for engineers, designers and scientists to meet the need for demanding content-creation, rendering, AI and simulation workloads that are required to build worlds in the metaverse.”

Global Leaders Turn to NVIDIA RTX 6000

“NVIDIA’s professional GPUs helped us deliver an experience like none other to baseball fans everywhere by bringing legends of the game back to life with AI-powered facial animation,” said Michael Davies, senior vice president of field operations at Fox Sports. “We’re excited to take advantage of the incredible graphics and AI performance provided by the RTX 6000, which will help us showcase the next chapter of live sports broadcast.”

“Broadcasters are increasingly adopting software and compute to help build the next generation of TV stations,” said Andrew Cross, CEO of Grass Valley. “The new workstation GPUs are truly game changing, providing us with over 300% performance increases — allowing us to improve the quality of video and the value of our products.”

“The new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture will enable designers and engineers to continue pushing the boundaries of engineering simulations,” said Dipankar Choudhury, Ansys Fellow and HPC Center of Excellence le

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