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$MULN Latest Shorts Data

$MULN Latest Shorts Data


Short Interest62,718,966 shares – source: NASDAQ
Short Interest Ratio0.40 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float15.34% – source: NASDAQ (short interest), Capital IQ (float)
Off-Exchange Short Volume10,999,752 shares – source: FINRA (inc. Dark Pool volume)
Off-Exchange Short Volume Ratio28.37% – source: FINRA (inc. Dark Pool volume)
Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)MULN Short Shares Availability
4 hours ago2022-09-15 13:28:21.31310,000,000
5 hours ago2022-09-15 12:57:07.151300,000
5 hours ago2022-09-15 12:26:09.142300
6 hours ago2022-09-15 11:24:03.0571,300,000
1 day ago2022-09-14 13:25:00.4110,000,000

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