macOS Ventura is now available

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Available today, macOS Ventura includes new productivity tools and Continuity features that make the Mac experience better than ever.

macOS Ventura takes the Mac experience to a whole new level with groundbreaking capabilities that help users achieve more than ever. New features like Continuity Camera enable users to seamlessly work across their Apple devices, and productivity tools including Stage Manager help users stay focused and easily move between tasks. Safari ushers in a passwordless future with passkeys, and big updates come to popular apps including Mail and Messages. macOS Ventura is available today as a free software update on Macs with Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs.1

Continuity Makes Apple Devices Work Magically Together

With Continuity Camera, Mac users can leverage the powerful camera system on iPhone to unleash a groundbreaking webcam experience.2 When iPhone is nearby, Mac can automatically recognize and use the camera on iPhone to unlock new capabilities that were never possible before on a webcam, and even works wirelessly for greater flexibility. Desk View taps into the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone to simultaneously show the user’s face and an overhead view of their desk — great for DIY videos, hands-on presentations, and so much more. Continuity Camera also brings innovative features like Center Stage, Portrait mode, and the new Studio Light — an effect that beautifully illuminates a user’s face while dimming the background — to all Mac computers.3 

Handoff now comes to FaceTime, so users can start a FaceTime call on one Apple device and seamlessly transfer the call to another Apple device nearby. A user can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad and move the call to their Mac when they get back to their home or office, or they could even start a call on their Mac and transition it to their iPhone or iPad when they are on the go.

Automatically Organize Workspaces with Stage Manager

Stage Manager automatically organizes apps and windows so users can concentrate on the task at hand and still see everything in a single glance. When users enable Stage Manager from Control Center, the current window they are working in is displayed prominently in the center, while other windows appear on the left so they can seamlessly switch between tasks. To create the ideal workspace, users can create groups of windows or apps when working on specific tasks or projects. Stage Manager also works in concert with macOS windowing tools including Mission Control and Spaces, and users can easily access their desktop with a single click.

Stage Manager helps Mac users stay focused and get more done.

Passkeys and New Collaboration Tools in Safari

Safari ushers in a passwordless future with passkeys — a new sign-in method that makes browsing in Safari even safer. Passkeys are more secure, easy to use, and are designed to replace passwords. Whenever users create a passkey, a unique digital key is created that stays on device and is never stored on a web server,

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