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Hot Retail Investors Stocks To Watch on Monday, August 30, 2021, for a potential short squeeze: WISH, CLOV, AMC

Many retail investors hyped stocks gained more than a 50% increase in single interday trading over the past couple of months.

CLOV – Clover Health is a highly discussed stock in the retail community. Clover Health investment can be the long term, great fundamental high growth business and reward the investors. The potential of short squeeze could provide short-term gains as well.

WISH – Context Logic is very popular in the retail community. With short interest higher and stock price lower than IPO price,(-70% down) this gives some high risk-reward opportunity for trading. If the direction of the stock starts going upwards, there will be more chances of building more hype.

AMC – AMC Entertainment still have more rooms to grow if the market starts going in an upward direction. With the shorts sellers fighting with retail traders, this could make higher volatility in the stock price.

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