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Here are the Top 100 Short Squeeze Potential Stock in December 2022 with higher borrow fees and the short float

Here are the Top 100 Short Squeeze Potential Stock with higher borrow fees and the short float

The Finance Headline provides a daily top high short squeeze potential stocks list. These stocks are based on the short interest float %, days to cover, and the borrow fee rate.

Please Note: The short squeeze potential stock doesn’t mean it will squeeze in a day or week. These are just the data that show the “top short interest stocks” with “higher borrow fee rates” and “days to cover”, which could help the stock to squeeze in near future. Not all of the 100 stocks will squeeze, but depending on all of the data, and volume/momentum, it could help fuel the shorts to squeeze. These data are for informational purposes only.

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RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
1PXMD / PaxMedica Inc27.8221.670.390404.06
2SURG / Surge Holdings, Inc.94.2370.139.034509.02
3MLTX / MoonLake Immunotherapeutics – Class A383.5419.3736.038525.4
4AVTE / Aerovate Therapeutics, Inc.597.934.076.353007.33
5BEEM / Beam Global211.120.647.751042.79
6MSTR / MicroStrategy Incorporated2,292.6340.58.1720058.63
7GETY / Getty Images Holdings Inc – Class A2,017.28111.623.4810177.68
8MICS / Singing Machine Co., Inc.15.9818.147.4230113.38
9CTRN / Citi Trends, Inc.242.5513.465.1850017.26
10PIXY / ShiftPixy Inc159.978.142.1335420.5



RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
11HOUR / Hour Loop Inc107.589.543.630062.15
12OPFI / OppFi Inc.35.9715.5318.7615013.29
13BEAT / Heatbeam46.598.631.6220128.38
14GHRS / GH Research PLC592.5219.3966.2675014.12
15RDW / Redwire Corporation127.717.4812.1435016.02
16HLVX / HilleVax Inc483.3110.9315.8315012.12
17KIRK / Kirkland’s, Inc.50.6317.281.81457.76
18BTWN / Bridgetown Holdings Ltd295.6313.243.693005.08
19TRDA / Entrada Therapeutics Inc657.4810.7314.61323.93
20IKNA / Ikena Oncology, Inc.99.3513.495.751,800.009.51
21CPSS / Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.167.1918.6734.351,200.002.16
22SKYT / SkyWater Technology, Inc.400.3923.3712.3620011.33
23PLSE / Pulse Biosciences Inc95.315.6910.651007.2
24JANX / Janux Therapeutics, Inc.624.9219.1144.136004.07
25APRN / Blue Apron Holdings, Inc.27.7341.971.2720020.86
26WEBR / Weber Inc.346.5734.8224.1355015.94
27BMTX / Bm Technologies Inc60.8320.4832.596011.46
28VOR / Vor Biopharma Inc246.35.852.42302.96
29GMTX / Gemini Therapeutics Inc73.2213.5159.841006.99
30CABA / Cabaletta Bio Inc160.7418.453.77854.02
RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
31LEXX / Lexaria Bioscience Corp17.387.0134.481007.28
32DMRC / Digimarc Corp438.8325.121.86251.81
33ALLG / Allego NV825.587.213.1695134.83
34BCTX / BriaCell Therapeutics Corp.89.5412.097.7435030.76
35OFLX / Omega Flex, Inc.1,121.2816.3242.1200.72
36FAT / FAT Brands Inc102.069.1612.049024.2
37CMPO / CompoSecure Inc – Class A69.0317.8215.68658.99
38DRUG / Bright Minds Biosciences Inc18.757.954.0740048.56
39AERC / AeroClean Technologies LLC49.96.90.4845057.22
40VERA / Vera Therapeutics, Inc. Class A458.8417.466.242003.84
41RDVT / Red Violet Inc336.239.6841.15602.7
42MACK / Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc155.8311.626.016501.3
43JOAN / Joann Inc183.1319.7719.93920.51
44PRDS / FS Development Corp II67.3918.2424.797004.05
45PIII / P3 Health Partners Inc – Class A160.4928.2934.81510.44
46INDO / Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd54.99.071.8810171.5
47IGMS / IGM Biosciences Inc868.9536.6718.031,200.000.54
48CSSE / Chicken Soup for The Soul Entrtnmnt Inc126.711.738.4835025.18
49BAND / Bandwidth Inc643.2411.664.5540010.07
50IMRA / Imara Inc100.1514.3831.1615016.39
RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
51CRCT / Cricut, Inc. Class A2,062.4417.8442.373019.84
52LAZY / Lazydays Holdings Inc146.8816.719.092000.89
53RVPH / Reviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.77.4812.065.925525.69
54POLA / Polar Power Inc26.169.3823.489032.05
55BYND / Beyond Meat Inc1,029.4442.4490169.93
56IMGO / Imago BioSciences, Inc. Common stock1,213.5520.995.11,100.000.97
57VIOT / Viomi Technology Co., Ltd74.865.620.651,300.004.26
58VORB / Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc832.439.726.1925066.54
59ALTU / Altitude Acquisition Corp91.086.024.882510.5
60ASTC / Astrotech Corp18.0492.64153.51
61CMPS / COMPASS Pathways Plc American Depository Shares430.6618.2713.891005.36
62SAVA / Cassava Sciences Inc1,606.0423.766.8530018.76
63OMEX / Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc67.38.523.343006.38
64BCYC / Bicycle Therapeutics plc936.1113.745.682002.54
65HCI / HCI Group Inc329.722.4912.585500.44
66TXMD / TherapeuticsMD Inc56.995.010.453530.47
67SOBR / SOBR SAFE INC16.478.720.58150170.36
68ZYXI / Zynex Inc.530.3416.126.825502.39
69CURV / Torrid Holdings Inc.441.4210.025.583507.59
70PXS / Pyxis Tankers Inc61.035.090.543009.21
71DRRX / DURECT Corporation83.416.638.315003.32
72FAZE / FaZe Holdings Inc – Class A147.919.511015073.38
73NEGG / Newegg Commerce, Inc.626.9512.28.6430031.7
74FXLV / F45 Training Holdings Inc.288.0521.8713.07302.24
75MNDY / monday.com Ltd.4,886.8016.147.213001
76LGVN / Longeveron Inc. Class A73.987.546.511509.82
77GLUE / Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc.455.9219.8433.455001.61
78SHFS / SHF Holdings Inc – Class A82.023.869.640.1130.01
79VRAX / Virax Biolabs Group Ltd – Class A15.397.72.2930184
80RPTX / Repare Therapeutics Inc692.3610.1610.491503.11
RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
81BGFV / Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation246.5823.3521.561,100.007.46
82DBTX / Decibel Therapeutics Inc67.121567.58105.12
83BLNK / Blink Charging Co672.4331.4610.5535047.78
84AREN / The Arena Group Holdings, Inc. Common Stock236.649.1530.94954.42
85ROOT / Root, Inc. Class A82.4817.757.821002.33
86SMR / NuScale Power Corporation – Class A567.4717.039.2370025.8
87AOMR / Angel Oak Mortgage, Inc.140.0810.753.5840013.29
88RSVR / Reservoir Media, Inc.397.8311.5945.537003.73
89NERV / Minerva Neurosciences Inc17.094.835.237055.22
90KRUS / Kura Sushi USA, Inc. Class A627.8624.2511.91000.56
91NPCE / Neuropace, Inc.40.849.718.56157.2
92WRLD / World Acceptance Corp.396.6128.5412.69450.49
93DDS / Dillard’s, Inc.6,045.6117.0714.591000.67
94ENOB / Enochian Biosciences Inc72.017.4211.313562.38
95BBW / Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc373.8813.883.41,100.000.45
96GREE / Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc Class A22.0416.738.691008.86
97CACC / Credit Acceptance Corp.5,886.9517.612.52450.66
98ESTA / Establishment Labs Holdings Inc1,678.1217.1812.964000.6
99TH / Target Hospitality Corp1,486.0922.065.812001.48
100HUSA / Houston American Energy Corporation37.236.013.442080.88

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