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Evaxion Biotech’s EVX-01 Personalized Cancer Therapy – $EVAX Stock and Short Update

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evaxion Biotech A/S (NASDAQ: EVAX) (“Evaxion” or the “Company”), a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of AI-driven immunotherapies, reached an important milestone announcing today that it had enrolled its first patient in the global phase 2b clinical trial of EVX-01, the Company’s personalized cancer therapy for the treatment of melanoma.

In the company’s first phase 2b clinical trial, Evaxion is evaluating the efficacy and safety of EVX-01 in adults with metastatic melanoma. The trial is being conducted globally at clinical sites across the US, Europe, and Australia in collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc., which is supplying the trial with its PD-1 inhibitor, KEYTRUDA®.

Patients enrolled in the phase 2b clinical trial will receive standard of care treatment along with KEYTRUDA® in combination with EVX-01. Evaxion is responsible for the conduct of the trial and Merck will supply the required KEYTRUDA®. Evaxion and Merck will continue to collaborate as the data mature.

Erik Heegaard, Evaxion’s Chief Medical Officer, said:

“We are extremely proud to take EVX-01 into the next clinical development phase, enrolling our first patient in the clinic. We believe that this will help to support our efforts in developing new and more efficacious treatments for patients suffering from malignant melanoma. With this phase 2b trial, we are addressing a major unmet medical need in an indication that has become a multi-billion-dollar market. Together with our collaborators at Merck, we hope to further validate the promising data generated in our phase 1/2a study, which we believe may potentially pave the way for much needed improvement in the treatment landscape for melanoma and possibly other cancers.”

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