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Did SmileDirectClub Found its Bottom? SDC Stock Massive Opportunity in 2022?

SmileDirectClub, ticker symbol SDC was beaten down to 52 weeks low due to the small market cap sector being punished for tax-loss harvesting in 2021. SmileDirectClub also announced “the resignation of Chief Financial Officer Kyle Wailes to pursue a CEO opportunity at a healthcare company.” The stock was heavily down due to the multiple factors of negative news and the COVID-19 restrictions that fear people to visit for safety reasons.

SmileDirectClub could bounce back over the long term as patients start visiting for smile solutions and COVID fears fade away. The fundamental of SDC in teledentistry and vertically integrated model, SmileDirectClub is revolutionizing the oral care industry, offering consumers the ability to get clinically safe and effective treatment but without the 3x markup. Amidst the pandemic, Smile Direct Club expects full-year revenue of 2021 to be 630-650m.

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