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Clover Health to Provide In-Home COVID-19 Vaccinations – CLOV STOCK UPDATE

CLOV: Clover Health Investment announced “that it will provide in-home COVID-19 vaccinations, which is especially critical to support Clover’s medically complex and homebound members. Clover has partnered with MedArrive, a healthcare logistics, and services platform, to kick off the vaccination program in New Jersey”.

“Many Clover members have disabilities or face other challenges that can make it difficult for them to leave their homes, even to obtain life-saving medical care like the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Kumar Dharmarajan, Associate Chief Medical Officer of Clover Health. “This service allows our most vulnerable members to get essential care in the most timely and convenient way possible, which we believe will ultimately improve their quality of life, reduce hospital admissions and drive down healthcare costs.”

CLOV stock is still down today (-0.11%) trading around $8.16 per share. The short interest float still remains the same as September 15, 2021, but the Short Intrest ratio is increased to 1.18 days to cover.

Short Interest30,617,021 shares
Short Interest Ratio1.18 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float15.59%

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