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CLOV Stock – Clover Health Investment hold it’s retail momentum ? Potential another short squeeze or Long term investment?

Clover Health stock has been down since it’s all time high with the help of short squeeze.

The Retail rally began once again for the Clover Health Investment stock and this could potentially uptrend it’s share price. However the stock traded lower on September 8, 2021 due to the overall market momentum.

If the retail rally gets stronger, this can save the clover Health Investment hold it’s strong support around $8, but if the momentum fade away, this could bring down the stock price.

Historically, the stock market performs the worst during the month of September, which means the trader’s are taking more advantage of the volatility while investors who are thinking about the long term could also be rewarded over the long term.

Clover Health Investment is the great fundamental play for the long term investment. The business is growing rapidly in the health care sector and could potentially reward the investors over the long term.

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