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CEI Latest Short Squeeze Data: Camber Energy Potential Squeeze After Response to Short Sellers


Kerrisdale Capital issued a research report on Camber Energy Inc. (CEI).  It is not an independent and disinterested report.  Kerrisdale Capital is a short seller that held and may still hold positions in the stock of CEI. This report includes misinformation on Scuderi Group technology and a licensing arrangement between ESG Clean Energy and Camber/Viking. We welcome this opportunity to correct this information. ”

Find more information about the response to short sellers:


Short Interest32,568,943 shares
Short Interest Ratio1.09 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float13.05%
Dark Pool Short Volume5,749,203 shares – source: FINRA
Dark Pool Short Volume Ratio25.68% – source: FINRA
CEI Short Interest

CEI Short Shares Availability

Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)CEI Short Shares Availability
1h2021-11-17 19:06:09.0640
2h2021-11-17 18:36:09.064500
3h2021-11-17 17:32:40.9010
3h2021-11-17 17:02:40.90135,000
4h2021-11-17 16:25:50.51710,000
4h2021-11-17 15:54:35.23850,000
5h2021-11-17 15:16:54.125300
CEI Short Shares Availability

CEI Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)

Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)CEI Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)
1h2021-11-17 19:06:09.064n/a
2h2021-11-17 18:36:09.0645.49
5h2021-11-17 15:16:54.1255.69
11-162021-11-16 19:31:09.5225.49
CEI Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)

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