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Can ATER Stock Recover with Short Squeeze? Latest Short Data

ATER Stock has been trading down since the company announced ” that it has reached an agreement with its lender, High Trail, to pay down its outstanding secured term debt in an aggregate principal amount of $66.3 million-plus accrued and unpaid interest, which amount will be paid in shares of the Company’s common stock in accordance with the terms of the notes evidencing such debt. The remaining $25.0 million term loan debt will now mature in April 2023 and all financial covenants have been restructured.”

ATER stock is trading around $12.77 per share with 52 weeks high of $48.99 and 52 week low of $3.04 per share.

ATER: Intraday chart – September 27, 2021


Short Interest7,515,156 shares
Short Interest Ratio0.11 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float28.41%
ATER Short Interest Float
ATER Short Shares Availability
ATER Borrow Fee Rate %

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