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Blue Apron Becomes the First Meal Kit to Partner with Planet FWD – $APRN Latest stock and shorts data

Blue Apron Becomes the First Meal Kit to Partner with Planet FWD as Part of Its Climate Action Next Steps


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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Blue Apron (NYSE: APRN) today announces a partnership with Planet FWD, the leading carbon management platform for consumer companies, as it continues to take actionable steps towards its goal of net zero. Through this partnership, Blue Apron plans to conduct a more thorough review of its Scope 3 emissions by leveraging Planet FWD’s platform to measure, report and plan action on its carbon footprint for its meal kits as well as company-wide emissions. Blue Apron is the first meal-kit on the platform.

“Since our founding 10 years ago, Blue Apron has made it a priority to help ensure we have a positive impact on the world and the communities around us,” said Linda Findley, Blue Apron’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “While mitigating our impact on our climate has been a priority for us, over the past few years, we’ve pushed that commitment further as we believe it is imperative for us, now more than ever, to take action. Through this partnership with Planet FWD, a leader in this space, we will have the data to take our goal of net zero a step further.”

According to findings from Porter Novelli’s Focus: Business Action for Climate Crisis from 2021, 80% of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to help solve the climate crisis and 75% want to hear more from companies on what they’re doing to solve the climate crisis.

“Blue Apron is creating a blueprint for what it means to be a climate-friendly meal-kit company. We’re proud to help Blue Apron’s team further their climate impact goals and create a meaningful example for change in their industry, supply chain and beyond,” shared Julia Collins, Planet FWD’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Leveraging Planet FWD’s Life Cycle Analysis database, the largest in market for agricultural products, this collaboration furthers Blue Apron’s commitment to responsible sourcing, and will allow carbon impact data to inform future recipe creations and innovations for the company.

Planet FWD is empowering the next generation of sustainable brands with proprietary software that reduces the cost and complexity of creating sustainable and carbon neutral products, with robust Scope 3 emissions modeling capabilities to help brands address their supply chain.

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