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ATER Stock Latest Short Squeeze Data: October 1, 2021

ATER stock is still ranking at #1 on October 1, 2021 trading chart, with a short interest float of 21.01% and a borrow fee rate of 84.31. ATER average volume on September 30, 2021 trading was about 37 million, and stock price close around $10.83 per share, up 8%.

According to the latest data, there are less than 10,000 shares of ATER available to short, and the borrow rate fee is very expansive.

Aterian Inc Corporate Profile

“Today’s consumers base purchasing decisions on search results, product details, and reviews— not on brand alone. We use data to develop products that shoppers want and need, across categories from home appliances to electronics and essential oils. AIMEE™, our Commerce Operating System, automates the standard functions of consumer product companies, employing proprietary technology and machine learning to drive performance across the largest e-commerce marketplaces and channels. In this way, we’re able to rapidly reach economies of scale while we empower the consumer.”

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ATER STOCK Intraday Chart: September 30, 2021 – The Finance Headline


Short Interest7,515,156 shares
Short Interest Ratio0.16 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float21.01%
ATER: Short Interest % Float – The Finance Headline
ATER: Short Shares Availability – The Finance Headline
ATER: Short Short Borrow Fee Rate – The Finance Headline


ATER / Aterian, Inc. Fails-To-Deliver
ATER: Fail to deliver – The Finance Headline

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