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Why WISH Stock Could Rally in 2022? ContextLogic Inc Growth Potential


ContextLogic Inc, ticker symbol WISH is down 80% since it’s 52 weeks high. 2021 was the year WISH Stock saw a disaster after its IPO. Almost all the worst things happened to WISH in 2021 which the new IPO company learned the biggest lesson to grow massively over the long term. The announcement and disclose of the new CEO name before the end of February 2022 could be a big catalyst for WISH as investors are expecting to have someone on board who can easily turn around the business and compete in a massive e-commerce sector over the long term.

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During the Q3 2021 earning report WISH stated “During the quarter, we continued to implement our aggressive plan to make key strategic, operational and structural improvements, which we believe will enable Wish to achieve its full potential. The foundation of that plan is to improve and maintain trust with our buyers, and to provide a differentiated and engaging buying experience. In doing so, we expect to drive long-term growth and sustainable unit economics for our eCommerce platform. By redoubling our focus on our most frequent buyers, we’re learning what features and products are most likely to catalyze our entire user base to engage and buy on Wish. We are confident in our ability to return to growth during the second half of 2022, while creating significant shareholder value over time,” concluded Reses.”

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After the massive tax harvesting in 2021, WISH stock start seeing inflows of institutions’ money which might be indicating that institutions are now getting back to the stock to flow with the market. Numerous analysts and institutions like ARK Invest, Cathie Wood predict that 2022 and beyond is for the high growth stocks as they saw the worst year in 2021.

Institutional Owners210 total, 188 long, 1 short, 21 long/short – change of -3.23% MRQ
File DateSourceInvestorShares
2021-12-30NPVT – Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund ETF Shares [click for advisory]164,267
2021-12-29NPJHSC – John Hancock Multifactor Small Cap ETF55,124
2021-12-29NPCYPIX – Consumer Services Ultrasector Profund Investor Class2,467
2021-12-28NPRETL – Direxion Daily Retail Bull 3X Shares133,542

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