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WHY INDO Stock is going higher today? Indonesia Energy Corporation latest stock update

WHY INDO Stock is going higher today? Indonesia Energy Corporation latest stock update –

Indonesia Energy Corporation stock is rallying after its potential Short Squeeze covering on Thursday, March 17, 2022. INDO has been the number one top short squeeze potential stock in our daily top 30 short squeeze potential list.

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The current short interest float of $INDO is 80.47%, and the borrowing fee is very expansive as of 3/17/22.

Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)INDO Short Shares Availability
3h2022-03-17 12:28:04.6360
3h2022-03-17 11:58:04.636300
4h2022-03-17 10:51:59.6577,000

INDO STOCK UPDATE: [stock_market_widget type=”inline” template=”generic” assets=”INDO” markup=”{name} ({symbol}) is trading at {price} ({change_pct}). {symbol} has the current dollar volume of {volume}, 52 weeks high of {52_week_high}, and 52 weeks low of {52_week_low} per share. There are currently {shares_outstanding} shares of {symbol} outstanding with the current market cap of {market_cap}. ” api=”yf”]

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