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Top meme coins in 2022 that could make you millionaire.

Crypto Currency Summary

Crypto Currencies has been extremely bullish since the last couple of years. Bitcoin rally still might be coming as numerous analysts expect it to reach another all-time high in the near future. Some analyst believes Bitcoin could cross $100,000+ in value per coin by end of the year. “Nick Spanos, crypto investor and founder of Zap Protocol, said: “Bitcoin, Ethereum and the broader crypto market are likely to have a ludicrously strong fourth quarter, and I predict we will see new all-time highs across the board by 2022. “He said the two major cryptos are already approaching their all-time highs – bitcoin hit $63,000 in April – and predicts bitcoin will breach the $100,000 mark as early as year-end, while Ethereum will hit $10,000 to $12,000.”.

Crypto Examples

Massive Bitcoin rally usually accelerates all other larger coins such as Etherum, Binance, and even meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & DogElon coins. Adding some meme coins in your portfolio that you don’t mind losing all of its value could make you millions of dollars in the coming future. For example, if you bought $100 USD of Shiba-Inu when it was first launched, would get you millions of Shiba-Inu coins at that time and since first launched, Shiba-Inu is up more than 1000% since then in less than a year. Many traders and funds are speculating that these meme coins are just starting out and their future projects will bring even more hype around. 

These meme coins can run based on numerous factors such as hype from a public figure like Elon Musk or media mention, adoption of these coins, burning the supplies, Bitcoin uptrend, major project accomplishment, new listing such as in Robinhood,, Webull, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Binance, and many other major brokerages.

The Finance Headline provides these top meme crypto coins lists that could run massively in the coming future. Please be advised and do your due diligence for these momentum coins as you could also lose all your capital if the speculation did not go right. These can be a gambling portfolio and only invest that you are willing to lose 100%.

Top RankCrypto Name
1Shiba Inu
3DogElon Mars
4Safe Moon
5Floki Inu
6Baby Doge
Meme Coins List

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  1. KISHU INU will be the third big mover. They have the biggest marketing and the loudest shoutout.
    You can make a lot of money out of it. x1000 is possible

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