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Top Crypto Coins in February 2022?

Top Crypto Coins in February 2022?

Investing in crypto has been the most profitable strategy for investors since its early stage. However, coming into 2022 has been the rough start for crypto due to the multiple factors from the economic perspective. Crypto has been treated as a hedge of inflation but due to the rising interest rate discussions from the Fed to lower the inflation, the overall market has been plummeting since early 2022.

The downtrend on crypto could give better opportunities for some investors who were looking to start building a crypto portfolio but never got a chance due to its expansive value. If you truly believe in the crypto for a long-term investment (More than 5 years), the short-term downtrend should not matter since it gives more opportunity to average the cost of the crypto.

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Our top crypto coins lists are based on the Fundamentals/Projects, Popular listings/ Adoptions, and Social Trends.

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Top Crypto Feb 2022
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