Short SqueezeTop 30 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks

Top 30 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks: GFAI, ENSV, NINE, MULN, USEG

Top 30 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks:

The Finance Headline provides a daily top high short squeeze potential stocks list. These stocks are based on the short interest float %, days to cover, and the borrow fee rate.

Please Note: The short squeeze potential stocks doesn’t mean it will squeeze in a day or week. These are just the data that shows the “top short interest stocks” with “higher borrow fee rates” and “days to cover”, which could help the stock to squeeze in near future.

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RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
1ENSV / Enservco Corp36.8229.980.81100135.8
2GFAI / Guardforce AI Co Ltd33.938.781.050199.64
3NINE / Nine Energy Service Inc105.6921.751.3330072.51
4HUSA / Houston American Energy Corporation53.1220.420.3270117.62
5NEGG / Newegg Commerce, Inc.2,701.0723.410.23022.13
6USEG / U.S. Energy Corp.138.420.141.034097.33
7MULN / Mullen Automotive Inc84.890.0670019.68
8GME / GameStop Corp.14,417.8019.540.8315022.62
9NKLA / Nikola Corporation4,341.5527.133.5415040.46
10EVGO / EVgo Inc. Class A82928.84.4810036.02
11BYND / Beyond Meat Inc3,117.5741.468.161026.21
12LMND / Lemonade Inc1,665.8534.5110.683521.07
13SDC / SmileDirectClub, Inc. Class A327.3630.849.0440040.96
14TLRY / Tilray Inc3,831.7614.270.6630014.44
15TTCF / Tattooed Chef, Inc Class A1,027.9735.2644.688529.71
16BBIG / Vinco Ventures Inc555.5514.250.975107.65
17DNA / Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc4,938.6256.053.341,000.0012.92
18IGMS / IGM Biosciences Inc486.653.6233.4923.61
19BGFV / Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation386.3141.7210.741,100.002.8
20FUV / Arcimoto Inc254.9841.7124.6610019.03
21WKHS / Workhorse Group Inc671.9231.5111.57601.62
22GOEV / Canoo Inc. Class A1,333.5230.4119.18823.33
23VUZI / Vuzix Corp414.5130.2920.271009.7
24JWN / Nordstrom, Inc.4,346.0025.907.551,500.000.81
25SPCE / Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc2,524.7825.366.0941.54
26JCS / Communications Systems, Inc.19.8823.416.87013.04
27WE / WeWork Companies, Inc.4,892.9922.4511.0210,000.000.94
28ATER / Aterian, Inc.152.9722.172.16609.92
29RKT / Rocket Companies Inc1,316.0922.175.03501.37
30SST / System1 Group Plc1,232.8029.94.170231.33

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