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Top 100 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks in September 2022

Top 100 Short Squeeze Potential Stocks in September 2022

The Finance Headline provides a daily top high short squeeze potential stocks list. These stocks are based on the short interest float %, days to cover, and the borrow fee rate.

Please Note: The short squeeze potential stocks doesn’t mean it will squeeze in a day or week. These are the data that show the “top short interest stocks” with “higher borrow fee rates” and “days to cover”, which could help the stock to squeeze in near future.

RankSecurityMarket Cap (MM)Short FloatDays to CoverShares
Avail. (1K)
Borrow Fee Rate
1FAZE / FaZe Holdings Inc – Class A877.33149.591.5581,058.11
2ATHX / Athersys Inc28.05102.0915.530019.74
3GETY / Getty Images Holdings Inc – Class A6,796.2288.051.020949.1
4SURG / Surge Holdings, Inc.56.1157.223.96506.53
5WEBR / Weber Inc.332.2452.123.8535033.78
6GRPN / Groupon Inc329.0850.688.622,500.001.22
7CSSE / Chicken Soup for The Soul Entrtnmnt Inc13747.2123.4815040.68
8ORC / Orchid Island Capital Inc444.8647.157.177004.64
9WRLD / World Acceptance Corp.668.1138.2313.72600.92
10APRN / Blue Apron Holdings, Inc.232.7835.990.59029.54
11CMPO / CompoSecure Inc – Class A79.9835.7716.4304.57
12MSTR / MicroStrategy Incorporated2,467.6732.85.81155.68
13EDRY / EuroDry Ltd38.6832.791.681007.16
14AVTE / Aerovate Therapeutics, Inc.444.7132.7746.29658.26
15ROOT / Root, Inc. Class A155.1332.739.831001.36
16SAVA / Cassava Sciences Inc1,174.8732.266.820.863.15
17BGFV / Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation256.3632.2519.41,000.0014.02
18PHAT / Phathom Pharmaceuticals Inc314.3530.0337.35952.53
19KIRK / Kirkland’s, Inc.50.7627.253.632507.27
20PETZ / TDH Holdings Inc23.0427.190.385558.3
21DAWN / Day One Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.1,791.7226.9919.23003.11
22IGMS / IGM Biosciences Inc814.7526.9918.624501.19
23OPFI / OppFi Inc.35.825.5711.334013.94
24MICS / Singing Machine Co., Inc.25.2324.069.9320105.43
25VTYX / Ventyx Biosciences Inc1,209.3023.9911.971506.98
26CURV / Torrid Holdings Inc.554.6623.86.41509.69
27JANX / Janux Therapeutics, Inc.535.3723.0795.698006.41
28GHRS / GH Research PLC675.2322.8679.635015.38
29TUEM / Tuesday Morning Corp New25.5222.593.97011.86
30SMR / NuScale Power Corporation – Class A600.8722.133.7310055.16
31EWTX / Edgewise Therapeutics, Inc.565.2322.0526.722000.96
32DSGN / Design Therapeutics Inc1,288.7321.8419.541001.48
33OYST / Oyster Point Pharma Inc182.1921.4123.666002.75
34PEI / Pennsylvania Real Estate Invt Trust20.6221.1320.2158.6
35PRLD / Prelude Therapeutics Inc359.420.8144.85551.48
36GLSI / Greenwich Lifesciences Inc112.2120.754.825511.42
37BEEM / Beam Global142.320.6919.69036.11
38NUVL / Nuvalent, Inc. Class A855.9420.6519.961003.06
39GLUE / Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc.415.4620.5937.63951.84
40REV / Revlon Inc365.3220.522.1189.45
41SEAT / Horizon Acquisition Corp – Class A716.2220.422.973003.11
42KNTE / Kinnate Biopharma Inc612.7420.0826.97457.78
43CAAP / Corporacion America Airports S.A1,075.5119.6943.387503.25
44CLNN / Clene Inc.184.1619.5914.7845081.27
45DDS / Dillard’s, Inc.5,234.0019.2912.022500.89
46JOAN / Joann Inc363.8219.228.8462.19
47IMGO / Imago BioSciences, Inc. Common stock555.0518.9124.743001.57
48ZYXI / Zynex Inc.351.0417.5525.552503.25
49BMTX / Bm Technologies Inc76.9816.2948.343009.23
50PIII / P3 Health Partners Inc – Class A236.1716.1165.01810.71
51SLNO / Soleno Therapeutics Inc15.9616.073.261004.59
52HCDI / Harbor Custom Development Inc15.7915.6433.7530028.94
53OFLX / Omega Flex, Inc.1,071.0115.6398.31101.12
54NN / NextNav Inc342.715.4711.0975016.27
55THCA / Tuscan Holdings Corp II76.515.111.91505.1
56SKYT / SkyWater Technology, Inc.474.9414.929.7645015.85
57OTRK / Ontrak Inc17.3714.685.7645044.71
58DTC / Solo Brands Inc – Class A272.9313.954.56758.11
59ITRM / Iterum Therapeutics PLC27.2413.899.511009.17
60APDN / Applied DNA Sciences Inc36.0713.840.72500113.69
61IKNA / Ikena Oncology, Inc.177.6613.421.391,200.0013.59
62VERA / Vera Therapeutics, Inc. Class A548.2613.2420.134504.22
63DBTX / Decibel Therapeutics Inc124.813.127.984001.4
64AERC / AeroClean Technologies LLC49.7713.021.3310083.84
65PLSE / Pulse Biosciences Inc51.0512.8927.022006.08
66BCTX / BriaCell Therapeutics Corp.125.8512.643.687528.14
67CYCC / Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc20.4412.186.230011.83
68VOR / Vor Biopharma Inc202.4612.1536.85353.08
69AURA / Aura Biosciences Inc417.1512.0821.14257.59
70NINE / Nine Energy Service Inc103.4112.065.8530015.67
71POLA / Polar Power Inc42.3611.667.6915045.63
72VINC / Vincera Pharma, Inc.31.5711.5337.011506.71
73VORB / Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc1,350.6911.392.9635159.1
74WVE / Wave Life Sciences Ltd267.4111.111.791003.42
75KLXE / KLX Energy Services Holdings Inc81.311.055.362002.89
76EAR / Eargo Inc70.1111.032.3115077.96
77TELA / TELA Bio Inc164.810.9312.834002.52
78HYRE / HyreCar Inc30.110.710.0910013.99
79FAT / FAT Brands Inc140.2710.6922.663028.11
80TRDA / Entrada Therapeutics Inc452.0910.6613.96751.07
81INDO / Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd67.1410.550.3140129.24
82UI / Ubiquiti Inc18,613.8410.419.211001.47
83RAIN / Rain Therapeutics Inc.149.0310.328.858022.87
84SOS / SOS Limited30.599.897.321008.43
85NPCE / Neuropace, Inc.117.539.2523.77508.26
86SSNT / SilverSun Technologies Inc16.499.015.4935242.74
87TXMD / TherapeuticsMD Inc76.158.693.9615045.92
88MLTX / MoonLake Immunotherapeutics – Class A265.868.4713.995030.57
89ESSC / East Stone Acquisition Corp74.268.393.534004.27
90AREN / The Arena Group Holdings, Inc. Common Stock235.017.93.91104.84
91UAN / CVR Partners LP1,388.117.876.597008.38
92HOUR / Hour Loop Inc101.627.870.32154.39
93ABOS / Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.265.37.5533.9110015.42
94LEXX / Lexaria Bioscience Corp18.037.3913456.74
95HLVX / HilleVax Inc521.657.315.469019.66
96HUSA / Houston American Energy Corporation41.97.120.69100115.6
97ACEV / ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp98.846.716.683508.57
98VIGL / Vigil Neuroscience Inc337.846.4318.273537.97
99ELYM / Eliem Therapeutics, Inc79.76.0213.62017.16
100AUVI / Applied UV Inc23.075.253.825083.64

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