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TOP 10 Stocks Moving Higher Today September 30: FAMI, CEI, METX, PALT, AMD, SPCE, GROM, ALZN & more

The Finance Headline provides the latest update on September 30, 2021: Top 10 stocks moving higher. These are the stocks that are showing momentum and increasing in share price intraday trading.

The market dropped as we are on the last day of disaster month. September is known as the worst performing month in the stock market. The Finance Headline provides the top 10 performing stocks even the market is down today.

Dow Jones is down -1.20% (-413),

S&P 500 is down -0.84% (-37.67)

NASDAQ is up -0.28% (-39.2)

RUSS 2000 is up -0.46 (-10.19)

STOCKVolume% MoveCurrent PriceReason of Volatility
FAMI847 Million+24 to +30%$0.42CEO update on Acquisition & Growth / Retail Momentum
CEI295 Million+9%$3.73Retail Momentum/ Short Squeeze Momentum
METX125 Million+16%$0.38Retail Momentum
PALT76 Million+34%$11.26Increased on volume, low shares to short
PROG68 Million+23%$1.33Annual partnership opportunity participation
GROM44 Million+16%$3.97Retail Momentum
ALZN39 Million+35%$3.09Received response from FDA
SPCE35 Million+11%$25.19FAA Clearance
AMD34 Million+2.7%$103.1Growth / Dev
EDU32 Million+9.7%$2.02Retail Momentum
The Finance Headline – Top 10 Stocks of the Day: September 30, 2021

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