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Progenity Inc – This is why PROG STOCK continues to grow social sentiment for potential short squeeze (NASDAQ:PROG)



The main reason PROG is extremely hot is because of the short squeeze potential. PROG ranked #1 short squeeze potential stock for numerous months with extremely high short shares borrow fee rate and short shares availability.

Progenity Inc also “Added four patents related to its ingestible technologies for delivery of therapeutics via the GI tract, including methods and devices for delivery of a therapeutic agent into GI tissue for systemic uptake, methods of treating ulcerative colitis using an ingestible device that is designed to deliver a JAK inhibitor directly to the proximal part of the large intestine, and treatment of a disease of the gastrointestinal tract with a SMAD7 inhibitor and with a chemokine/chemokine receptor inhibitor.”

They also “Entered into an additional partnership with a large pharmaceutical company to evaluate its therapeutic with Progenity’s Oral Biotherapeutics Delivery System (OBDS) currently under development. This marks the company’s third collaboration for the OBDS, further demonstrating industry interest in the platform’s potential for the oral delivery of large molecules.”

The list of daily updates on the top 15 short squeeze potential stocks includes PROG.

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