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Progenity Inc (NASDAQ:PROG) Latest Short Squeeze Data Shows More Room To Squeeze



Short Interest21,961,465 shares – source: NASDAQ
Short Interest Ratio0.78 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float19.53% – source: NASDAQ (short interest), Capital IQ (float)
Dark Pool Short Volume99,697,459 shares – source: FINRA
Dark Pool Short Volume Ratio49.18% – source: FINRA
PROG Short Interest Data: November 17, 2021

PROG Short Shares Availability

Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)PROG Short Shares Availability
7h2021-11-17 12:40:53.20
7h2021-11-17 12:10:53.265,000
8h2021-11-17 11:35:37.06650,000
8h2021-11-17 11:04:20.08630,000
PROG Short Shares Availability

PROG Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)

Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)PROG Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)
7h2021-11-17 12:40:53.2n/a
18h2021-11-17 01:17:29.78469.00
22h2021-11-16 21:28:22.77471.44
11-162021-11-16 19:31:27.84872.30
PROG Short Borrow Fee Rate (%)

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