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Premarket Gainers Today: December 9, 2021 – ENSC Short Squeeze? AVCT, EVGO

Stock Market Gainers on December 9, 2021.

ENSC is up more than 80% on the premarket trading session, with 0 shares of ENSC available to borrow as of the publication of this article.

Short Interest91,556 shares – source: NASDAQ
Short Interest Ratio0.00 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float1.14% – source: NASDAQ (short interest), Capital IQ (float)
Dark Pool Short Volume7,009,574 shares – source: FINRA
Dark Pool Short Volume Ratio51.04% – source: FINRA
ENSC Short Interest Data
Time Since
Last Change
Timestamp (UTC)ENSC Short Shares Availability
3h2021-12-09 09:40:49.2850
6h2021-12-09 06:16:38.00330,000
7h2021-12-09 05:44:49.75635,000
12-082021-12-08 08:25:31.2280
ENSC Short Shares Availability

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