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Microsoft Bing Makes Holiday Shopping Easy!

The secret to holiday shopping is finding the right gift – and the secret to finding the right gift online is using the right tool, like Microsoft Bing. Bing gives back time and value, making it faster and easier for you to go from searching to finalizing your holiday shopping.

Looking for some inspiration? Search for “Gift ideas” with Bing and – like many search engines – you will be rewarded with millions of results. But from there, Bing helps you cut through the clutter by providing categories of trending products that can help guide your search for that perfect gift. Looking for something for Ages 2-5 years, or for Preteens? Something for Techies or Travelers? Animal Lovers, or Cooks & bakers? Explore any of these topics to find subgroups to help you refine your search even further (phone tripods, for example, under the Travelers category.) These, and other, Bing categories can save you time and provide some much-needed inspiration when millions of gift ideas are just too much to handle. 



You can try this same Bing search trick for other topics such as “holiday season” to find holiday themed gifts and decorations. This also works in many countries and regions around the globe. Try using these search terms in your geography: 

•    US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India: search for gift guide or holiday shopping

•    Germany: search for Geschenke-Guide or Weihnachten

•    France: search for guide des cadeaux  or noël 

•    Italy: search for guida ai regali or shopping natalizio

•    Spain: search for ideas de regalo or compras de navidad


Need more? Click the “See more” button to see gift guides from top publishers or go directly to the popular stores’ holiday departments. 

If you are in the US, click on “Holiday Deals” (2nd  card on top)  to check the extracted deals from your favorite brands’ Holiday Catalogs.  



And Bing can save you time by enabling users to explore the catalog before jumping over to the merchant’s website. We’ve also added hot spots within the flyers themselves which will take you directly to the merchant to make a purchase!


Last but not least, Bing can help save you money by making it easy to find and use online coupons. Bing provides coupon information neatly nested within your search results, without the need to install a browser extension or plugin (third-party cookies must be enabled.) Being visible within the search results is a great reminder for those of us that sometimes forget. And for those who never forget, no more scrambling to find a coupon when you are ready to check out!


The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. Rather than taking the time to visit individual online retailers, shoppers can find inspiration, in one place, with Microsoft Bing. Bing’s built-in search features not only help you save time and money, they will also help you find the gift that you didn’t know you were looking for! 

* Illustrations depict previously captured search results which may contain expired pricing and expired promotional offers. Sellers participating in our shopping program provide product information including pricing and features, but Microsoft is not compensated for the search results. To learn more about product listings across Microsoft go to


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