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CEI Stock – Camber Energy Latest Short Data: October 1, 2021

CEI, Camber Energy has been the retail favorite stock this week with tons of volatility and heavy volume seeming to squeeze the stock. The Finance Headline updates on the latest CEI Short data for October 1, 2021, the last trading day of the week.

CEI stock closed around +11.7% ($3.82) in intraday trading session and down -5% ($3.6) in after-hours trading.

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CEI Intraday Chart: September 30, 2021 – The Finance Headline


Short Interest24,493,997 shares
Short Interest Ratio0.05 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float23.51%
CEI Short Interest % Float – The Finance Headline
CEI Short Shares Availability – The Finance Headline
CEI Short Borrow Fee Rate – The Finance Headline

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