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BK Technologies Awarded Six New Purchase Orders Totaling $8.9 Million from USDA Forest Service

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BK Technologies Corporation (NYSE American:BKTI) today announced that it has received six purchase orders for a total value of approximately $8.9 million from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service (USFS) for its KNG mobile and BKR 5000 portable communications technology. The purchase orders are part of the Company’s 5-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, announced in May 2021, and reflect the agency’s commitment to its lifecycle replacement program designed to migrate to newer, more effective portable communications platforms.

John Suzuki, CEO of BK Technologies commented, “We’re pleased to continue our strong relationship with the USFS as they continue to upgrade their mobile equipment and technology with our BR 5000 portable communications platform. The USFS is committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of their personnel tasked with wildland fire prevention and fire rescue across vast landscapes, and our BKR 5000 plays a pivotal role providing reliable communications capabilities in rugged environments. In addition to providing durable and consistent communications technology, the BKR 5000 is compatible with legacy radios and equipment, as the agency conducts a systemwide transition. We look forward to continuing to support the USFS with our state-of-the-art communications platform and equipment.”

The United States Forest Service is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that administers the nation’s 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands. The Forest Service manages 193 million acres of land.

Additionally, the Company announced that effective July 1, 2022 it has opened a second production line for the BKR 5000 at its manufacturing facility in West Melbourne, Florida.

“We continue to see tremendous market demand for our BKR 5000, and I am pleased to announce the opening of a second BKR 5000 production line. With the new line up and running, the combined daily total production capacity significantly ramps our production capabilities,” Mr. Suzuki continued. “The BK operations team has been working around the clock to secure the components and material needed to meet the higher than expected demand from our first responder customers. The second production line is expected to alleviate much of the BKR 5000 backlog during the balance of the year and we anticipate the second production line positions us well to efficiently meet future demand.”

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