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Amazon VS Alibaba Stock: Time to load Baba?

Amazon has been leading the market share in e-commerce and the amount of growth opportunities it has over the long term is extensive, especially since the pandemic shifts the consumer’s purchasing practice from physical to online.

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Alibaba, on the other hand, is also leading the Chinese e-commerce and in fact, without Alibaba, Amazon sellers would struggle to sell any products. Alibaba’s key business gave Amazon sellers an opportunity to buy Chinese products at wholesale discounted prices and later sell in Amazon “FBA” for the profits.

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Many investors are not looking at the fact that “Amazon e-commerce runs because of Alibaba” and if Amazon is leading the e-commerce platform, same with Alibaba as well. The downtrend on stock price does not represent that business is failing or neither uptrend on stock price represent a business is successful. There are numerous factors when it comes to the stock price and the main reason Alibaba stock has been down is because of the current Chinese government issues.

Both businesses got a solid foundation, but Amazon being in the US, get’s more opportunities and more favor from the government, while China struggles in the short term.

Currently, there are 2837 institutions holding Alibaba shares.

Finpedia ArticleAlibaba Group Holding
Institutional Owners2837 total, 2782 long only, 0 short only, 55 long/short – change of -7.45% MRQ
Average Portfolio Allocation1.3626% – change of -8.34% MRQ
Shares Outstanding2,710,913,650 shares (source: Capital IQ)
Institutional Shares (Long)791,123,511 – 29.18% (ex 13D/G) – change of -270.51MM shares -25.57% MRQ
Institutional Value (Long)$ 173,363,654 USD ($1000)

Currently, there are 5527 institutions holding Amazon shares.

Institutional Owners5527 total, 5432 long only, 8 short only, 87 long/short – change of 1.23% MRQ
Average Portfolio Allocation2.5456% – change of 0.37% MRQ
Shares Outstanding506,440,520 shares (source: Capital IQ)
Institutional Shares (Long)350,331,798 – 69.18% (ex 13D/G) – change of -598.17MM shares -63.20% MRQ
Institutional Value (Long)$ 1,378,246,004 USD ($1000)


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