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Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors deliver leadership performance and advanced features with a growing partner ecosystem including Advantech, ASRock and DFI

NUREMBERG, Germany, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced at Smart Production Solutions 2023 the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 7000 Series processor family, optimized for the high-performance requirements of industrial markets. By combining “Zen 4” architecture and integrated Radeon graphics, Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors deliver performance and functionality not previously offered for the embedded market. With its expanded features and integration, Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors are ideal for a wide range of embedded applications, including industrial automation, machine vision, robotics and edge servers.

The Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processor is the first embedded processor to use next-generation 5nm technology with a 7-year manufacturing availability commitment. The new embedded processor integrates AMD Radeon RDNA™ 2 graphics that eliminates the need for a discrete GPU for industrial applications. And because embedded applications require additional operating system software options, Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors include support for both Windows Server and Linux Ubuntu, on top of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors also include up to 12 high-performance “Zen 4” CPU cores, which combined with its integrated features and wide operating system choices, offers unparalleled ease of integration for system designers.

“Industrial application use cases are continuing to grow in complexity and sophistication and are driving the need for increased processing capabilities,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president & general manager, Embedded Processors Group, AMD. “With the integration of key performance features and a scalable design, Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors are ideal for a broad range of applications from advanced robotics and instrumentation design to power control, video surveillance and more.”

“For embedded industrial applications, it is critical to provide differentiated and scalable offerings while still meeting power, performance and budget requirements,” said Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at TIRIAS Research. “The new AMD Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series is purpose-built for a wide spectrum of use-cases, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications in a market that will continue to see growth and diversity.”

Supporting Ecosystem
“Advantech is excited to launch its AIMB-723 ATX motherboard. This is the first industrial-grade motherboard integrated with the AMD Socket AM5 chipset, enhancing the capabilities of industrial applications at the edge. The AIMB-723 delivers high computing performance as well as providing the scalability to support up to a three-slot discrete GPU card and an additional three-frame grabber card for machine vision applications. Powered by Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors, Advantech’s AIMB-723 industrial motherboard not only accelerates performance-demanding AOI applications but also caters to legacy requirements for PCI expansion, accommodating a wide range of communication protocols and I/O interfaces.”

— Linda Tsai, Advantech President of Industrial IoT—Advantech

“ASRock Industrial, a longstanding AMD partner dedicated to intelligent co-creations, stands as the world’s leading supplier of industrial motherboards and systems. We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking Mini-ITX motherboard, IMB-A1002, powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded 7000 Series processors with B650 chipset. By leveraging the power of the “Zen4″ CPU core, AM5 socket, integrated AMD Radeon RDNA 2 graphics, DDR5 memory, and PCIe 5.0, we aim to bring edge performance to exceptional new heights, enabling customers to create leading embedded solutions across a wide range of AIoT applications.”

— Handsome Tzeng, President of ASRock Industrial

“Our products feature the latest AMD Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors, which excel in delivering exceptional productivity and graphics performance for industrial applications while remaining cost-effective. This product significantly enhances operational efficiency, particularly in areas such as machine vision, robotic arm control, and high-end medical imaging systems. Furthermore, it empowers our customers with superior choices to meet their high-end CPU demands. These state-of-the-art processors are designed to cater to the distinctive demands of diverse environments while maintaining a balance between top-tier performance and budget considerations.”

-Jarry Chang, General Manager of the Product Center at DFI.

Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors offer:

  • “Zen 4” architecture, featuring up to 12 high-performance CPU cores
  • Integrated Radeon RNDA 2 graphics 1WGP @2.2GHz max
  • AM5 socket, LGA 40mm x 40mm, 1718 pin
  • TDP from 65W to 105W
  • Support for Dual-Channel ECC DDR5 memory at speeds up to 5200MT/s
  • Up to 28 lanes of PCIe® 5 connectivity on-chip

Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series Processor Product Chart

Freq (Up
To GHz)
(Up To)
 1058/164.55.483252001WGP @2.2GHz Max
 1056/124.75.363252001WGP @2.2GHz Max
 6512/243.75.4126452001WGP @2.2GHz Max
 658/163.85.383252001WGP @2.2GHz Max
 656/123.85.163252001WGP @2.2GHz Max

AMD Ryzen Embedded 7000 Series processors are currently in production and will be showcased by AMD in Hall 4, Stand 121 at SPS in Nuremburg, Germany Nov 14-16.

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AMD Expands Ryzen Embedded Processor Family for High-Performance Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and Edge Applications

The Ryzen Embedded 7000 is optimized for high-performance industrial applications

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